Game features:

  1. 10 different types of bets.
  2. Custom logotypes.
  3. Drawing every 3 minutes.
  4. Jackpot with individual settings.

Rules of the game

Bets are placed in Live mode. The player is asked to bet preflop (when the players see only their two cards), then the flop comes out (three community cards), then the fourth community card is the turn, the fifth is the river. It is given about 15 seconds for the player to assess the odds of the hands and place bets, and after that the cards are dealt.

In virtual poker, there are distributions on three tables at once, so you can place express bets, bets on a combination or win a certain hand. There are few types of bets on virtual poker. The main ones are: winner – it is required to indicate which hand will win and on a combination – a bet on a pair, high card, two pair, full house, three of a kind, straight, set, flush, four of a kind, straight flush or Royal Flush. There is also a jackpot in the game

Regulation of the game organizer's remuneration

This game can work both on pure probability theory and with a fixed rate of return for the game organizer.

0 %
Can work on both pure probability theory
0 %
Can work with a fixed rate of return for the game organizer

Integration with existing analogues.

If other types of the wheel of dog racing games are more popular in your region, then we can integrate with these systems


The jackpot of this game is cumulative and joint with all other games. For every bet made by the player in Jackpot, 3% of the bet amount is deducted.
Jackpot can be regulated separately for each checkout or PPS. It can be enabled or disabled in the game. Sets the lower and upper bounds for the Jackpot size. The lower limit determines the moment when the Jackpot can be played between the winning players. The upper limit indicates a large value, upon reaching or exceeding which Jackpot will be played between the players.

Download cashier

Cash program for taking bets.

Download video tv

Program for broadcasting games.

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